Ebba Jahn Arts

UEBE, LIEBE, LEBE / LOVE - Canvas in Mat 30 x 30 cm

80 EUR / In stock.
LIEBE / LOVE  - Monoprint on 20 x 20 cm canvas, mounted in white mat 30 x 30 cm / 12" x 12" inch,
ready for hanging or additional framing.
Each canvas print I make myself, one at a time, with high-pigmented inks, and some paint brushwork with acylic artist paint lightly over it so each canvas monoprint comes out a little different.
This is No. 2

Depending on the angle, these three words can be read in the depiction of an iron sculpture in Berlin - meaning exercise, love, live; but maybe it was just me looking through my lens, who read it that way.
Before I saw LIEBE at its present location in a yard where it is surrounded by brown brick-buildings, I had seen it with an open background elsewhere. That inspired me to change the background with a painterly touch. Photography and painting melt the sight into a new mood, faraway from the dark location the sculpture and love is surrounded by now.

It became a mixed media piece consisting of photo, painting, giclée on canvas and another - a "Multiple", meaning only a few are made by the artist, each with a unique touch.

A 20 cm x 20 cm canvas 400 g/m2 printed with inks, painted with acrylics, varnished with a final brushstroke, and matted in a natural white 30 cm x 30 cm passepartout / mat.
This is the second I made in all steps of the work, with best materials, and it is signed on the mat below the canvas Ebba Jahn II.

Ready for every standard 30x30cm frame - I'll send recommendations or a frame (€ extra ) if you wish.