Ebba Jahn Arts

Rerik Marks - 40 x 30 cm

195 EUR / In stock.
Rerik Marks / 40 x 30 cm / marker, water, gouache on 250 g paper, 2017
a collaboration by Dwayne & Ebba Jahn

Rerik is the name of a village between the Haff and the Baltic Sea / Ostsee in former East Germany.
There was a green peninsular in our view, worth a bike ride - so we thought.
A man came by and said: "You can't go there - it's closed."
"There was the Wehrmacht first (WW II Military), then the Russians, and now birds." WOW. Amazing real content in one sentence while on vacation.
We went there as close as we could get, until a grid-gate across the street marked the end. Through it we saw the forrest and buildings which were falling apart, most likely former barracks. No birds.
Dwayne finished his part of this artwork in Rerik, I my part in Berlin.

The paper is 300 g /m strong; flat it will travel well.
If you want this artwork in a passepartout or framed we'll work it out.
Free shipping worldwide as is.