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Peint Tendre

95 EUR / In stock.
Peint Tendre
Oil on canvas / 15 x 15 cm on 20 x 20 cm canvas

This square painting on strong canvas is created with original Parisian oil paints.
It will always calm and brighten your day.
It comes either unframed , as shown on the 2nd image (€ 95,-)
or  mounted in a 30 x 30 cm off-white matt with the outer line of the painting visible
 (+ € 17,50 due to added material and shippinhg costs, so please contact me.)
You'll find a few more of this series, who are all based on strong
colour impressions of the day they were made.
No frame - this is only for display.
But I help finding the right one for you.

Worldwide shipping is included.