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Peint Orange

95 EUR / In stock.
Peint Orange
Oil on canvas / 15 x 15 cm on 20 x 20 cm canvas /not framed

This small square painting on strong canvas, is created with original Parisian oil paint,
It will always calm and brighten your day.

15 x 15 cm orange painting on 20 x 20 cm canvas looking good with painted white around it.
A mat for a larger frame could be nice as well.
Juli 11, 2011 von Ebba Jahn it says on the front bottom which would be covered under a  mat.
You'll find a few more of this series, who are all based on strong colour impressions
of the day they were made.

This frame is only for display - the work is sold unframed,
but if you wish I help with finding the perfect one.

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