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Neighbors - Canvas in Mat 30 x 30 cm

80 EUR / In stock.
Neigbors  - Monoprint on 20 x 20 cm canvas, mounted in white mat 30 x 30 cm / 12" x 12" inch,
ready for hanging or additional framing.
Each canvas print I make myself, one at a time, with high-pigmented inks, and some paint brushwork with acylic artist paint lightly over it so each canvas monoprint comes out a little different.
This is No. 9

Artistically claimed in a mixed media variation by its neighbor EJ is the "The Molecule Man", a sculpture by Jonathan Borowsky, by now an icon, standing in the middle of Berlin's Spree River - and I heard smaller versions in some other cities around the world as well.

It took a long time of cruising around this huge aluminum sculpture to have it infront of the right background, in the right angle and light - and that small red boat passing by, important for showing the real size relation of this threefold man/men with holes.

So the work is based on a photo, with the idea to give it a painterly touch for a canvas print. The photo was made in 2010. I found a canvas to print on, and after some tests printed them myself, then varnished them in different ways. That's why I call them "Multiples", made one at a time on 20 cm x 20 cm on canvas and mounted in a 30 cm x 30 cm mat / passepartout.

The 400 g/m cotton canvas lays between the mat and a strong back. It comes with a hanger you can attach, so it is ready to hang, but it also fits perfectly into a square frame for 30 x 30 cm.
Worldwide shipping is included / free
For € 299 also available in XL: 30 inch x 28 inch / 75 cm x 72 cm.
It is the only large print 1/1 of the digital original, and it was printed by a professional printer on 270g/m canvas. The print quality and colors came out beautifully, with enough canvas around it, so 2 cm stretchers would work well for it to be stapled on the back.
Rolled up in a tube, just as it was sent to my studio, it will arrive... in case it is desired stretched and shipped, the final price has to be determined depending on where it goes to.
Please contact me.