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Manual and Minimal #1

195 EUR / In stock.
Manual and Minimal #1
25 cm x 34 cm in 33 x 45 cm Box 

For a new series I made a few thick, rough paper sheets from cellulose.
Their structure is lovely to me and so are their uneven edges. Each one is a unique piece in shape and surface and I feel a minimal approach brings out their absolute aliveness.

The sculptural surface of the paper received white pigments in a binder - selfmade paint.
Gray areas of the selfmade paper are shining through, adding to the lively surface of this minimalistic abstract painted artwork.
The colour and texture might might lighten up associations.

The photographing of these fine structures was very difficult for me, but I'm hoping you can add the available photos to something whole in your mind - just think mainly white, off-white and gray tones, surrounded by an orange outline... This #1 Iis surrounded by an red-orange line, like #2 and #3.

My invention: they are mounted in a grey box size 30 x 40 cm with exquisit removable doublesided tape, looking good as is!
Safe for shipping and equipped with a hanger to hang the box:-)
But: Thanks to this tape the work can also be safely removed and mounted in a frame under glass.
Worldwide shipping is free. Contact me if you have any questions, please.